Well, despite having the software kicking around for a good while, I've never actually managed to get my arse in gear and write something in here! Well, seeing that Kevin Robertson ([URL="http://feeds2.feedburner.com/EdinburghKnights"]Edinburgh Knights[/URL]) and now Stuart Crowther ([URL="http://mm6hfc.blogspot.com/"]dot dot dash dash dot[/URL] ;)) of all people have beaten me too it, I thought it was high time I started my own inane ramblings!

So what's this place all about? As a regular Facebooker, I'm used to giving brief(ish) statements on what's doing and what I've been up to however it never really gives the full story. So, why not use the software I've paid for and do it properly! That's not to say I'm giving up on Facebook as I'm '79% Addicted to Facebook', I'm just going to use these different places in different ways.

The other reason for the site is so that I can showcase a little of what I've done too. Over the last few years I've built a few websites and helped others out on support forums and I just felt it was about time I bumped my profile up a bit and see if I can get more work doing something I enjoy doing. In the forum section of the site, I'm going to post examples of the work I've done so that it can be seen and so that I can get feedback to make my own skills better. Of course, that's not to say you can't talk about anything else of interest to me in there... ;)

So that's it for the moment, I'll be back (in my best Autrian-American Cyborg accent) with more on the trials and tribulations of the rollercoaster that is life as I'm currently living it!