Ok so the good intentions have already fallen by the wayside slightly and it's been over a week and a half since my last entry here! Ah well, time to get back on track then! In fairness, I was away for a few days and getting some work done has pushed this down the priority list a little bit.

Speaking of being away, spent a nice weekend away there although if it wasn't for the stupidity of others, things could have been a little different! As I was heading down the motorway, a couple of cars started to break hard then swerve. Lo and behold, we were all about to have to avoid - 2 bicycles in the fast lane! Now, I know this will immediately bring thoughts of nutters cycling down the motorway but it wasnt' that bad. No, these bicycles were actually lying in a heap there with their carrier lying smashed across all 3 lanes. The motorway wasn't actually that busy - hell, it was actually pretty quiet for a Saturday evening but there was the 'owners' sitting in their Land Rover Discovery in the hard shoulder doing F all.

Call me old fashioned and possibly a little foolish but if that had been me, I'd have at least gotten the bikes onto the hard shoulder or at worst, the central reservation! Still, 2 minutes down the road and there were the trusty Motorway Police tearing up the opposite carriageway to get there and sort it all out. However, it begs the questions - what sort of checks did these people do to make sure it was secure? And did they check it periodically to make sure that it still was? Answers on a postcard (or a comment below!).

After returning yesterday afternoon, I settled down to watch young Mr Murray continue on his Wimbledon progress. Imagine my surprise to turn on the TV (yes, I forgot until a bit later!) to find out he was 4-0 down in the opening set. However, some fine grinding out of points saw him start to take better control of things. After taking some time out to play footie, I returned in time to watch the last few games of the final set.

To say it was nerve-racking would be an understatement! If it wasn't for the good grace and helpfulness of our 'good friend' (and rumoured to be a Hibs fan! ;) ) [URL="http://www.hawkeyeinnovations.co.uk/?page_id=1011"]Hawkeye[/URL], then things may have been a little harder for the Scot! However, through he goes and a Quarter Final match beckons tomorrow (Wednesday 1st July).

And that tenuous Hibs link brings us to the news that Hibs striker Steven Fletcher has moved on to pastures new! To be honest, I'm not that surprised by the news - it's been well stated he wanted to try his luck in the English Premiership so he goes with my best wishes and thanks for the job he's done at Easter Road. However, the deal we've got for him I think is a pretty good one to be honest. Despite being one of the firast names on the teamsheet, I don't actually think he's as big a loss as some would make out to be.

With twelve goals last season, he hardly set the heather alight with his goal scoring prowess. Unfortunately, at times, in my opinion, he let the whole 'Real Madrid' saga go to his head with the Celtic transfer bid in the January window further deflecting him from actually knuckling down and being the player Hibs fans know he can be. Interestingly, it was the final few games of the season where I actually thought he'd started showing some better form. While he didn't score in the last 4 games, his workrate certainly improved and he looked a far better player.

Still, good luck to him and I hope that owen Coyle can help him find his right foot...