Yes, not doing a particularly good job at keeping this updated am I!? Been a hectic couple of weeks with various things doing - some productive, some less so and some just pure pleasure! :D

As I'd [URL=""]previously blogged[/URL], I'm currently only working two days a week at an After School Club in the small town that I live in. When I started that job in June, I was sub-contracted for a period of three months with a view to going 'permanent' at that time if they, and I, were happy with how things had gone. I'm glad to say that the three months became three weeks and I'm now already on the payroll - with a nice wee pay rise and an extra couple of hours a week into the bargain! OK, it's still only 14 hours per week but I'm enjoying it there and it's giving me some fulfilment after a few months in the working wilderness. The hunt for other permanent work carries on but I've picked up at least one other website redesign so there is some extra cash coming in over the next month or two - more on these as they're done!

Another funding source that's currently a work in progress (although this isn't why I'm actually joining!) is the Royal Auxiliary Air Force. I recently sat, and passed, aptitude tests and interview to join up with [URL=""]602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron[/URL]. I've got a medical to sit on 13th August at [URL=""]RAF Leuchars[/URL] in Fife (home to a fabulous [URL=""]Airshow[/URL] every September!) so the push to lose some weight and, therefore, points off my Body Mass Index has begun! :p

Why Glasgow and not Edinburgh though? Simple - the job role that the squadron does. [URL=""]603 (City of Edinburgh) Squadron[/URL] is an RAF Regiment squadron whereas 602 Squadron handles Flight Operations, an area that I previously wanted to work in - both in the military and in civilian life. It's a fantastic opportunity and one which I will hopefully get the chance to experience!

Before I go, I'd just like to post a couple of pictures I've just taken with my trusty iPhone. When I contemplated starting writing this, we were underneath a lovely thunderstorm with some of the heaviest rain I've seen in a few months. At this point, the skies have started to clear and as I looked outside, my eyes were drawn to a bright area in the distance. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't really do the scene justice but I'll try anyway.



Until next time...