...airshow! :D

Yes, it's the turn of the [URL="http://www.visitsouthport.com/airshow/home"]Southport Airshow[/URL] to reap the benefit of Trev's watching eye this weekend as he makes the trip down tomorrow for a seaside visit. The show, which spans 2 days, is held right on the seafront which adds 'floating' aircraft to the list of those that can display at this one. With the show specifically timed to take place when tides are low, you can wander round the beach while looking at the aircraft that have parked up there - different!

Since last week, another website I've worked on has gone live - or re-launched in this one's case! [URL="http://www.cherrypickerevents.com"]Cherrypicker Events[/URL] already had a website but it was unfinished by it's previous designer. While it looked good, updating events etc. on the site was 'technical' to say the least. The re-launch has seen some of the look and feel tidied up a bit while a new Content Management System has been put in place to allow events and the page text to be updated easily.

And to round off, another one of those 'arty' pics! Another from the Leuchars show a couple of weeks ago just after the Red Arrows (yes, them again!) arrived for the day.


Until next time...