It's been a wee while since I wrote anything in here - how bad am I at keeping this up to date! Well, I suppose I better crack on then!

Haven't had a lot happening since the last tie I posted in here - 2 and a half months ago! I'm still working at [URL=""]Loanhead After School Club[/URL] and [URL=""]Rural and Urban Training Scheme (RUTS)[/URL]. The latter was a temporary contract that was supposed to finish at Christmas however I've been given an extension on this (today!) through to the end of March. I've also got some new work hopefully coming off in the next little bit and hope to be able to tell you about that soon.

On the home front, still living at mums and hiding away in the bedroom/office while plugging away on various things on the web. As well as providing some, ok LOTS, of unoffical support at [URL=""][/URL] (the developers of the software running this site), I've been working to get another little project off the ground in association with a few friends. This though has hit a little 'buffer' while the prospective client mulls things over. Hopefully a little push in the right direction will see that come to fruition in the New Year though!

Anyway, with Christmas fast approaching, may I take this opportunity to wish anyone who can be bothered reading it my best wishes for the Season and hope to see you coming back and taking part in the site soon.