As I alluded to in my [URL="http://www.trevorhannant.co.uk/forums/entry.php/8-Oh-hello-again"]last blog entry[/URL], I've got myself a new job working as a member of the vBulletin Support Team with Internet Brands (IB). I was delighted to get the opportunity to join the team as they have a very good reputation themselves let alone the product itself (although some will undoubtedly beg to differ with the current release! :p ). IB launched the latest iteration of the vBulletin Product on Monday there - vBulletin 4 - which has seen some major rewrites to the way that the product is styled. A Content Management System has been put in place also for the first time after many many years of customers asking (see the 'Home' tab above!) while elements of the Blog system have been redesigned also.

Unfortunately, the release of the product has, perhaps, been a little quick as there are still elements that are not working 100% as people expect them to yet but, on the bright side, it means lots of work for me! :D As my Christmas Day will, for the overwhelming part of it, be very quiet, I'll be spending a fair bit of my time on the [URL="http://www.vbulletin.com/forum"]Support Forums[/URL] during the day helping those other insane people who want to work over Christmas!

As for the other jobs I had, my time with RUTS has finished. While I may not now be contracted to them (it was only short term to this week anyway), I will still be working on redesigning their website as time allows. I wish them all the very best for the coming year especially and thank them for the opportunity they gave me when I needed work.

And so, after a little break, I better get back to my new job... :)
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