Every year we hear people talking about having a white Christmas and how they miss them. Big bets are placed through the year on whether or not the next one will be white or not. 2009 though has to go down as an exceptional year for it! White? Whiteout Christmas more like!

As the nation struggles to cope with the mountains of snow being piled high at the roadside (or in a lot of cases, still on the road!), we have to ask the question - how are we no longer prepared for these? When I was a kid (now don't be cheeky!), I remember having snow every year around the Christmas time but never did I remember the problems and the lack of ability to deal with it that we have now. It seemed that even at the outset, with just a inch of snow that the country ground to a halt. Vehicles seem less able to handle the conditions than before and people are less prepared to take the chance on getting to work or their kids to school.

No I accept that the amount of snow we've had over the past few weeks has been extraordinary however it still amazes me that even though we've had no significant snowfall in the last few days, many main roads are still in a poor condition. Yes, they will be icy however there are still large piles of snow on some of these roads and the local councils (Edinburgh and Midlothian) seem completely unable to do anything about it. Indeed, just this morning I witnessed a tractor dealing with a snow-bound back street by scraping the softer top covering off and leaving the harder, more dangerous layer underneath untouched!

Now I'm not going to sit here and give the answer to all the problems however I do recall warnings of a severe winter long before it came. Perhaps instead of making sure a Slovakian Lesbian Dance Troup* have the funding to come to the country we should be making sure our own are looked after in terms of Health and Safety first.

[SIZE=1]*facetious example... [/SIZE]:p