So, John Hughes has left the Hibernian Manager's post (or encouraged to leave at any rate!) - not before time! While I liked the big man, the football on offer at times was awful to watch. While I was never 100% convinced on the appointment at the time, I was as always prepared to give him a chance. I was in the privileged position to be able to get close access to him via my position with Hibernian TV and he certainly had all the right chat and ideas, but while some of those found their way to the park, others did not.

So, the search begins again. No doubt, as the rumours seem to be confirming, we'll be going for another ex-player in the hope that he's different to all the other ex-players who've come in and failed before. Personally, I'd forget about ex-players and Scots in general and look to someone with experience and no connection whatsoever to Scottish Football. The sooner we break this 'internal market', the better.

Perhaps the change in manager will also give me a lift as a Hibs fan! I've never had such a feeling of apathy towards Hibs in my life - indeed, this is the most I've thought about them in months! Since leaving Hibernian TV in May, I've not watched a highlights package or a live game. Living in Lancashire now, it's too much to go and see them play these days however even when they were in Blackpool pre-season, I couldn't find the will to make the trip to see them there. Sad times but a byproduct of what I was seeing on the park unfortunately. Hopefully the interest level will rise soon.